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The Service We Deliver

Here at Victoria's Childminding we have researched and invested in the best technology within our industry to provide a supportive,

informative service to the parents and children that we work with. It is vital that the progress of the children's development is tracked in order to be able to adapt our approach to meet each child's developmental needs and interests. We have therefore invested in a market leading software package called 'Baby's Day's' that enable us to provide our clients with an 'over and above' service at no extra cost to them.

Baby's Days is the most advanced EYFS childcare management software system of its kind and used by more childcare settings than any other software package in the industry, complex yet simple to manage for parents. Baby's Days is the only system in the world that allows us to run our entire childcare business from one system, meaning that parents are able to digitally sign policies, contracts and actions to save time.

Real-Time Updates

Babys Days App.PNG

See how your child's day is going

By tapping on the Baby's Days app you will be able to view your child's daily diary, view pictures of them learning and having fun, track what they have eaten and even how many times they have been to the toilet!

Check Invoices Due


Track when invoices are due

All of our invoices are raised via the Baby's Days app. Parents and carers are notified when an invoice is raised or when something has been uploaded for their attention making it easy to keep track of their payments

Accident Reporting


Accident Logging

In the unfortunate event of a bump or scrape, all accidents are logged on the system. Details of the accident are recorded and displayed in the app for parents to acknowledge via a digital signature.

Tracking Your Child's Development


Tracking Key Milestones

The app also allows parents and child minders to track children's development through their learning. It is important to identify at an early stage if key milestones are being achieved so that a change in approach can be adopted if a child starts to show signs of falling behind, or indeed particular areas of strength!

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